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Welcome in EXERTERS Training Centre

Experience is the ground source of knowledge & idea how to build an innovative training centre. What does it means "innovation" for us? It means usability. Our goal is to create fresh structure based on the newest teaching methods using the technology achievement and what is the most important including IMO resolution changes and considering OCIMF / SIGTTO recommendations.
Numerous courses passed over the years permit us for creation of training approach which suits trainees and their employers’ expectations providing them with relevant knowledge and useful skills.
Fusion of theoretical background and practical experiences attained while working on board modern ships allows us for introduction of an unique training structure suitable for trainees seeking for knowledge passed in clear & professional way.
Continuous development and innovative solutions implementation in maritime world will provide navigating officers and shipping companies with necessary support in the time of transition to digital navigation. Clear instructions and explanations encapsulated in training structure are extremely important for navigating officers.
A clue of our activity. We believe that trainees must be supported by competent instructors and valuable training measures so that they can practice their profession in simulated environment.
We are flexible and ready to match our clients’ needs. Our wide offer starts with cost-conscious solutions and ends with full package training organisation including accommodation, catering and transportation.
We are focused on new technology and teaching techniques application. We are located in Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Gdynia where environment is specific for innovative solutions introduction.
"There is nothing more enticing, disenchanting, and enslaving than the life at sea" J. Conrad

Innovative solutions in connection with qualified instructors is a key for success in improving worldwide navigation safety. This is our contribution in building safe navigation future.


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